Marché Madness

The last two weekends have been spent frolicking with Paul Bert, Biron, Dauphine, Jules Valès and the rest of the gang down the Rue des Rossiers.  Cabinets for my curiosities – check; curiosities for my cabinets – check; bric a brac and brocante – check; that once in a lifetime find – check, check, check!

Wow, I don’t know if it is the economy, possible Grexit, the Euro’s recent and precipitous demise, or just luck of the draw – we happened on some killer finds.   As usual, my favorite Marche aux Puces de Vanves, yielded the best results.  “Bonjour monsieur, combien pour tout?  Vraiment?  Oh oui, je vais prendre tout!”

Stay tuned fellow Francophiles, our treasures are coming home.

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